Game Guide

Ships and Combat

Ships stats are calculated using math based on the actual charactaristics of the ship classes. The general rule of thumb for ships is that large surface ships (cruisers, carriers, and battleships) counter small surface warships (destroyers and most escorts), which in turn counter submarines, which in turn counter large surface warships. Cruisers occupy something of a niche role in game, being able to cost effectively counter smaller surface ships while being vulnerable to the largest ships.

Each weapon type that a ship has is resolved individually as a separate attack. For each attack, the target has a percent chance to evade it completely equal to their speed. The base damage of each attack is a random number between 1 and the damage rating, and modified by the attacking ships experience percentage value. When a ship's health falls to zero in combat, there is a chance to be saved (as a disabled ship) based on it's experience rating, and capped at 80%. Ships that fail this are sunk and lost. The combat simulation resolves the weapons as follows and in this order:

Ships and their assigned officers gain experience in combat based on the enemy ships sunk or disabled during the battle.


If you win the sea battle in an attack and include a landing ship with marines in the attack forced, you can steal resources from the target player. The amount of resources you can steal is based on the cargo capacity of the ships involved, so sending both a landing ship and a cargo ship is recommended.


Resources are generated every hour. The summary you can see on the Economy page is the 24 hour estimate.