Sea Powers Alpha

Sea Powers is a textual game of strategic command decisions, where you build and command a fleet of warships to destroy your enemies.

The game is currently in a partly finished Alpha state. Since it an Alpha, the admins reserve the right to reset the game or mess with game balance at will. This will largely end when the game goes into Beta.

Core Features Working

  • Ship acquisition/management
  • Resources
  • PVE Missions
  • Island/Base Defenses
  • New Forums
  • Player Rosters/Rankings
  • PVP combat

Core Features Not Working

  • New In-Game Messaging system
  • Finalized ship balance
  • Player Factions/Alliances (tentative, TBD)
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Game News

Mar 24 2017: Core combat mechanics have been updated. Instead of being based on a simple live/die system, they now take damage based on enemy ship stats (weapons, experience, etc). They can also be repaired. This will have a net result of making ships much more survivable.

Renown rewards from PVP kills have been greatly increased.

Mar 22 2017: Did a balance pass on mission difficulties tonight. Enemy spawns for some missions were adjusted, and all of them have had danger ratings added to indicate the power level of ships in the potential spawn pools for the missions.

Mission rewards have also been adjusted. Renown rewards are generally down to encourage PVP, which rewards renown based on enemy ships killed. Nonrepeatable missions have had their requisition rewards greatly increased.

Also fixed a bug that caused renown levels to reset after attacking someone.

Mar 16 2017: I've pushed a few changes. In no particular order:

* Fixed the base defense purchase bug
* Ship purchase listing page now shows your resources at the top
* Ship purchase listing page now defaults to only showing what you can actually afford
* Missions now have icons based on the type of mission displayed before the name in the listing page
* The Start Playing button on the home page will now only show if you're not logged in
* updated the working/not working list on the home page

Mar 9 2017: I've got a basic but working PVP system online now. You can attack players as you like through the players list, within some limits. There's still some bugs and kinks to work out, but it's a good enough start.

I'm also still thinking of going ahead with the hard reset idea. If no one objects, expect that to happen some time in the nearish future.

Mar 2 2017: I'm currently working on the PVP component of the game, and it's coming along moderately well.

Given that the game right now has maybe 6 or so real accounts and more then 250 spam bot accounts, I was thinking about doing a hard wipe on the database when PVP comes online.

If anyone has any thoughts either way, let me know.

Feb 13 2017: Mission enemy spawns have been fixed. Enemy ships in missions will now be seen much more frequently.

Feb 10 2017: I've added a couple extra features for spambot containment. I'm going to try bringing the forums back online again.

Feb 8 2017: Those new forums have already been slammed by spam bots. I'm shutting them down temporarily until I can upgrade the package I'm using with some extra security ... or replace it with something better. If you need to talk to me, send me an email.

Feb 7 2017: I have enabled a new/basic set of forums, which will now be integrated with the main site instead of being a whole separate software package.

Feb 3 2017: The hosting company has informed me that there will be some downtime for maintenance on Feb 8. You've been warned.

Feb 3 2017: Yes, I broke the forums while moving them to get the new site online. I'll either get them fixed up or make some new ones some time "soon". It's not like you were using them anyways. In case of an actual emergency, send me an email.

Jan 31 2017: After working on the rebuild for months when I've had scraps of time, I've made the rebuilt Alpha of the game online on the main site. It's stripped down compared to what we used to have, but what is here is actually working.