Sea Powers Alpha

Sea Powers is a textual game of strategic command decisions, where you build and command a fleet of warships to destroy your enemies.

The game is currently in a partly finished Alpha state. Since it an Alpha, the admins reserve the right to reset the game or mess with game balance at will. This will largely end when the game goes into Beta.

Top Players

  1. MyBadHusky
  2. Major Narsilion
  3. RainbowLovePony
  4. V
  5. Blacksmith

Core Features Working

  • Ship acquisition/management
  • Resources
  • PVE Missions
  • Island/Base Defenses
  • New Forums
  • Player Rosters/Rankings
  • PVP combat

Core Features Not Working

  • New In-Game Messaging system
  • Finalized ship balance
  • Player Factions/Alliances (tentative, TBD)
  • Achievements/Ribbons
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Game News

The Ship and Shore Update

Jun 12 2017: The entire way ground defenses work has been updated.

* Cruisers, Battleships, and Carriers can now destroy base defenses. Carriers have by far the best damage output against defenses, but they can be blocked by AA/fighters
* Your fleet will only engage/be engaged by ground defenses when landing troops
* Only barracks provide defending troops
* The defenses that you would expect to shoot back will now shoot back
* Some defenses have been renamed and repriced to reflect the actual amount of damage they do for the cost of each unit


Small Update

May 31 2017: * added a top 5 players listing to the front page
* reduced the news posts shown on the front page
* fixed a couple bugs

Nothing to see here, move along.


Balance Changes

May 20 2017: Our recent round of changes have been slanted towards making things easier for newer/weaker players

* added salvage missions that provide free low level ships
* added supply shipment missions that spawn inversely proportional to a player's strength
* reworked player protections. players taking heavy losses will now receive a short defensive cooldown timer in which they cannot be attacked. This mechanic is relative to player strength and losses taken
* you can now change your email address, password, and a few other things
* tweaked the forum index layout a bit

I'll be keeping an eye on the cooldown tool and adjusting it as needed. Let me know about any feedback you have about it.


Quality of Life Updates

May 8 2017: * ship can now be renamed
* ships can now be scrapped
* there is now a repair all button on the main ships page
* news/attack alerts now show at every page, and not just on the home page


A recap to recent changes

Apr 25 2017: I've made a good handful of changes over the last week or so. Here's the highlights:

* Changed gun weapons to be more effective against small surface craft spam
* buffed base renown rewards, and changed rewards to scale based on relative strength levels (ie, more for kills against stronger players)
* added a land loss limiter to limit the amount of land a person can lose in a short time span. This is mostly to counter against team ups and heavy farming against solo players
* fixed a few bugs