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Last News Update:

Inactive User Removal

Dec 15 2018

After a couple years of letting the Russian spambots pile up, we've got way more inactive users then active ones. So I set up a tool that'll occasionally delete old users on the following conditions:

1. The user doesn't have any posts in the forums
2. The user hasn't logged in for 90+ days
3. There are at least 100 total users on the site

This should give us a reasonable balance between cleaning out old users clogging up the list of inactives, and having a few of the Russians around for farming for new players. As always, let me know if something breaks.


Sea Powers Alpha

Sea Powers is a textual game of strategic command decisions, where you build and command a fleet of warships to destroy your enemies.

The game is currently in a partly finished Alpha state. Since it an Alpha, the admins reserve the right to reset the game or mess with game balance at will. This will largely end when the game goes into Beta.

Core Features Working

  • Ship acquisition/management
  • Resources
  • PVE Missions
  • Island/Base Defenses
  • New Forums
  • Player Rosters/Rankings
  • PVP combat

Core Features Not Working

  • New In-Game Messaging system
  • Finalized ship balance
  • Player Factions/Alliances (tentative, TBD)
  • Achievements/Ribbons
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