QoL Update

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Made a few small changes:

* The background of the site has been changed from white to a light grey-blue. It should be slightly less eye searing
* changed the starting land for victorious players so that it's the higher of the normal starting land, and 10% of the land at the time of their victory
* fiddled with the home page again
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The mechanic of having a shield isn't working. I was attacked three times in 3 minutes and lost 600 land....
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It scales based on the total land you have. 600 land is less then 3% of your total (even your current total), which is not enough to trigger it as it's currently implemented.

And since I imagine it's your next question, it triggers at 5%.
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Ha! How did you know? Must be some big prophet in Ottawa. I was going to have to go there for a meeting with work and see if you wanted to grab a beer but the client is coming here to Toronto now...
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Ah well, maybe next time.