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Posted 1 year ago | Last updated 1 year ago #1
Sea Powers now has a win condition.

When the top player has more then a third again the strength of the next player, they win. Here's what happens:

* their account is mostly reset. Ships, missions, etc. They keep all renown earned
* they also start with requisition equal to the amount of land they had, and gain bonus renown equal to half that number
* the rank ribbons that are now on each profile page are tied to this. When you win, you rank up. This will max out 10 times currently to rank you at fleet admiral
* there is currently a 1 week cooldown before the next player can win
* yes, this is also the start of a ribbons system
* I may add other perks and bonuses too. I'm open to suggestions

I won't be surprised if this annoys some people, but it is frankly quite necessary. The top ranks in the game have been stagnant for some time, and that's something that makes things boring and drives players away. I expect this to work out better in the long run then doing a full game reset every couple months.

The next couple major feature updates will focus on improving team play.