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I used to play a long time ago, like 2007-2009. This was in high school and I had a few friends who also played it. We had a blast and at one point I think we had the 3rd or 4th most powerful alliance, back when a good number of people were playing. I remember rushing to the library at break and lunch to go on the computer so that I could get my actions done in the 3 hour time period haha. Would've been so much easier now with smartphones. I think my username back then was spiffyspleen, don't remember my login info though. At one point I think I got banned for talking shit on the forums :)

Anyways, just wondering what I should know about the changes since then. The whole website is different than I remember and it looks like a lot of the gameplay has changed as well. Is there no more building of farms and mines and things like that to increase resource generation? Also looks like there's no more alliances? The missions thing seems like a good idea. Anything else I should know?
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It's been completely rewritten from scratch. Missions were added so there would be some PvE content. Instead of game wide resets every couple months we have a system where only the top player restarts (but gets some perks) so that it's not always the same couple players over and over again. Old forums are gone too in favour of these ones (being integrated into the game).

Most of the resource base building mechanics went away to focus the game on the ships - now income is directly based on your land. Alliance are something I work on sometimes when I have time, though the current player base is pretty low so it's not a high priority for me. (Also, I've got kids now so my free time isn't quite what is was back in college when I first built it)
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Sounds good! Thanks for the update