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Jon Niemand
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Hi everyone,
I had some ideas for the game, not sure how viable there are to implement. I don't really know the game mechanics, so these are just ideas or suggestions.
1. Aircraft carrier and ships with aircraft setup:
Aircraft are a versatile weapon, it would be neat if you could configure your carriers for certain purposes. For example, you can have an aircraft act as a scout, as combat air patrol, or fitted with bombs/torpedoes/depth charges for attack. Say you have a colossus carrier, which has 48 planes. You can set 16 of them to fly as cap, 16 as dive bombers/torpedo for attack,10 with depth charges for anti-sub and 6 as scouts. Each would change the ships anti-air, attack, and anti-sub ratings. Think of that scene in Midway when the Japanese fleet is undecided how to equip their fighters and also the scene where they don't set a combat air patrol.

2. Initiative
as far as I know, speed determines initiative, but scout planes should also be counted. They could serve as a bonus to speed in order to determine inititative. Again, think of that scene in Midway where the japanese scout plane has a broken radio and can't relay the information. The Japanese don;t know where the American ships are, and lose the initiative in the battle.

3. Ship stats
Some of the ship stats are off, I'm not an expert, so I could be totally wrong. One that comes to mind is the Buckley class DE. I'm pretty sure they were armed with torpedoes, I believe they had 3 torpedo tubes. but in the game they don't have any.
Also, the captain class frigate stats seems mixed up. I thought the captain class frigate was just a buckley class or evarts class DE that was made for england. They were based off of two american frigates, the Evarts and the Buckley. In the game, the armement of the captain class frigate is that of the Evarts, but the size and speed is that of the buckley.

4. Submarine speed
For evasion or initative, is it a submarines submerged or surface speed? The two are very different, a porpoise class sub can make 18 knots on the surface, but only 8 knots submerged.

5. Prices
Another look should be take at the prices. An elco PT boat costs almost the same as a type VII sub, is that right? An elco PT boat cost something like $150,000 and a type VII cost something like $550,000 (ballpark prices, my conversions may be off a bit). So if a Type VII costs 904, then an elco ought cost something like 250.

Anyway, these are just some things I noticed,not sure how if they can be implemented or not, but something to think about. I think the game has a lot of potential, I played it a long time ago and just came back to it.
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I never make any promises about implementation, but I'm always willing to listen to ideas.

1. It's an interesting idea, but it'll probably be a long term thing to look at since it's a decent sized level of complexity to add to combat resolution with the current implementation.

2. You're correct about speed and initiative. I do like the scout planes idea, and I'll keep that in mind.

3. Ship armament varied wildly within classes, especially the smaller ones, and over the course of the war as things changed. I picked a snapshot of various examples of ships with given weapons at given times, with an eye towards both the iconic status of ships and the needs of gameplay balance.

4. Subs use surface speed for evasion. It's not really correct in the technical sense, but since they're also underwater and harder to track due to that, it seemed fair.

5. Ship prices are directly calculated from their stats in game, all using the same equation. It's based on their health, speed, armour, and weapons. It's not especially realistic, but it needs to happen as a concession to game balance to keep as many ship classes relevant as possible.
Jon Niemand
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Gotcha, makes sense. Here's another idea to throw around. Bigger guns have more range, think of the initial battle between the Bismarck and the hood. Bismarck got the first shots in because hood didn't have the range the Bismarck had. So, initiative could be a combination of speed, scout planes, gun size, and experience. Just something to think about, I know you have to draw the line between feasibility and details.
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Some complexities are cut to keep the underlying code manageable. Right now there's not really anything in place to simulate weapon range, for instance.