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Because there isn't already one and I've seen a few posts to the effect scattered here and there.

To start off with, I'd love the ability to rename ships. It shouldn't be too hard to implement? And it's really easy to accidentally name a ship wrong...
Being able to change the hull classification codes or numbers might be nice too, or maybe at least a flag to toggle the name prefix between USN-style, RN-style, maybe <custom>, or <none>. Definitely <none> should be an option eventually.

Possibly have a more detailed resource system than just Requisition (and Renown)? Player trading would be interesting, especially if it comes with transport ships, raiders, and convoy escorts...

Also a [Repair all (cost)] button. Please. For the love of god, please.
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Personally, I'm not super concerned about concentrating the suggestions yet. The forum is pretty tiny so far.

Renaming ships is a fair request. I'm aware that some of you are passing private messages around by ship name.

Pennant numbers and custom pennant systems won't happen until the super long term. It's a pretty minor cosmetic thing, objectively speaking.

More resource types have me leaning in the direction of probably not. Earlier versions of the game had them, but I want the focus of Sea Powers to be heavily on the ship combat and complex economic systems detract from that.
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I second both of those - and scrapping base defence as well. Especially base defence, because you can "scrap" a ship by sending it on a suicide mission. Also, in the long term maybe a "mothball" option that reduces upkeep in exchange for making the ship unusable without a lengthy (1 day?) reactivation process.
Admiral General Saladeen
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I agree with elsepth on the suggested addition of a "repair all (cost)" function, its a somewhat tedious task to individually repair ships especially when you have several in need of repairs :)
Major Narsilion
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Secret police buildings. I miss having the Ministry of Love.
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Please add more missions and a weekly task feature. Also some events or special events where all players can participate i.e. teaming up against a massive A.I. armada or a special christmas mission will also be a lot of fun.
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More missions is certainly doable. If you have any ideas for new missions feel free to post them.

Team up special events is probably also doable, though more of a long term thing.
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Attack convoy missions. Raid enemy garrison/outpost wherein hostile ships and ground troops are present. Also for the weekly tasks, in accordance with your goal, attacking at least 6 or more players within the week. Destroy a specific amount of tonnage of enemy ships and capturing a specific amount of land from the enemy players. Either the rewards can be a huge amount of exp, requisition or a moderate amount of land. For daily tasks at least completing 4 missions daily, or doing the stuff aforementioned for weekly tasks but in a more easier sense and reduced rewards.
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Also for complex economy stuff add population same as the old version of the game. Population is a very important factor for economics especially in warfare. Don't you guys agree? Please feel free to criticize and if u have any better ideas please share. Lets make this game more cooler and awesome :D
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I think we need private messages so I can stop building landers just to figure out how MolMol is "peaceful" yet acquiring mass amounts of land. =P
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Also please increase exp gained from attacking. You can't really make pvp encouraging with that only kind of amount.
Major Narsilion
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The "I'm peaceful don't attack" tactic is complete toss. Used to see it all the time back in early Sea Powers. They're lying if they claim to be peaceful.

I'll pose the same question I asked then, if you wanted a peaceful sandbox game why in the fuck did you sign up to a naval combat and conquest based game? Also all those messages via landing craft I am getting from MolMol are adorable.
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Be polite, children.
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Well I haven't found a game where you can command a fleet of warships and at the same time you can try to recreate real life navies. So what's wrong with the "I'm not attacking other people" stance? Also I get my land from a sub account which in turn gets its own from bots in the lower strength tier. Anyways, if you dont want people like me its fine lol
Major Narsilion
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Does that sound like something a pacifist would say? As I said, most people using the I'm peaceful defense are full of it or just biding their time.